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Pregnancy Sex
Pregnancy Sex

Pregnancy is a crucial period. There are so many things you need to be careful about. One of them is pregnancy sex. Join the topic to know about sex during the first trimester, sex during the second trimester, sex during the third trimester, precautions and so much more. Join now! 

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it is not so advisable to have sexual intercourse at this time as you said you have the cervical length of 2.5cm, which is considered as short cervix. better talk to your doctor regarding all your queries related to... (More)


it is very unlikely to get pregnant when breast feeding this it self acts a natural contraception. it is advisable to adapt barrier method of contraception if you prefer to.
you can contact our obg specialist for more information... (More)

Rama MahajanLactation Expert on Cloudnine
Lactation Consultant at Cloudnine Hospital Chandigarh

Hi Kavita

Exclusive  breastfeeding protects morhers from next pregnancy  but  not a fool proof method.

It is advised to use other methods to prevent  pregnancy.

Consult your gynecologist 

Ideally 6 wks gap after delivery . But again it is individuals body ,how you feel is important..

use barrier method of contraception as the periods are unreliable during lactation