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Worried about the stretch marks during pregnancy? Join us to know remedies for it like the best creams for stretch marks during pregnancy, natural ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy castor oil during pregnancy for stretch marks, vitamin e oil for stretch marks during pregnancy and a lot more easy remedies.

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At home you can use virgin coconut oil or good quality moisturisers or cocoa butter . . More beneficial in your second trimester . .If the itching or stretch marks are severe you can have a consult with our... (More)

Hi ashmitha,

stretch marks are usually not painful, rather you feel some irritation or soreness and itchy skin.

you can start applying any moisturiser or coco butter or coconut oil. In Case its too troublesome you can book a video... (More)

Hello, you can start with walking for 30 minutes and progress gradually. Also please meet the physiotherapist for detailed assessment and exercise prescription.

Hello Soni,
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Hope this helps.
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