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Worried about the stretch marks during pregnancy? Join us to know remedies for it like the best creams for stretch marks during pregnancy, natural ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy castor oil during pregnancy for stretch marks, vitamin e oil for stretch marks during pregnancy and a lot more easy remedies.

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Lalchawimawi Sanate (PT) LCCEPhysios on Cloudnine
Senior Physiotherapist, Lamaze Childbirth Educator

Dear Bhuvi,

Stretch marks will lighten and gradually becomes less noticeable over time, do give time. Strengthening your abdominal muscles might help to improve on healing. Do start the abdominal muscle strengthening according to the strength of your abdominal muscles... (More)


If figaro is olive oil, yes it can be used and its recommended only after 2 weeks of life.

Thank you.

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