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Toddler Physical Development
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What are the important child development milestones?

There are different milestones at each phase of the baby after birth. This video explains all of them in detail helping new parents to help their kids achieve them. Watch now!

Bright start - The power of healthy habits in kids

Inculcating healthy habits in kids, as early as possible, is a crucial step for parents to ensure that their child grows up to be a responsible and efficient individual. Hence, staring the training and education to be virtuous beings is... (More)

Learning through Play, in Early Childhood

A child's brain goes through an extraordinary development right from the birth of the child till they turn three. This makes way for the formation of lifelong learning and habits. During this time, the child goes through growth and development... (More)


it is advisable to consult with pediatrician regarding this so that your kid can be examined and advised necessary medications.
or you may have virtual consultation with our specialist so that we can get complete history and then advise,... (More)