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Women wellness
Women wellness

Join us to know about women wellness like women's health issues, women's care, women's reproductive, finding doctors for women issues near you, etc.

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whenever you miss your period you should 1st rule out pregnancy by home urine pregnancy kit test, as ovulation is known to occur even without periods and chances of pregnancy cannot be declined with unprotected intercourse. Using appropriate contraception... (More)

A gift of fitness with Physiotherapy - Inner Thigh Strengthening Exercise

Adductor or inner thigh muscle group, strengthening exercise helps in activation of pelvic floor muscle which is very important in treatment of loss of bladder control. The intensity of bladder control problem can range from occasionally leaking urine when you... (More)

Do you know about Osteoporosis?

One symptom clearly does indicate you might have osteoporosis and required testing:
A You have leg or arm pain B You are feeling tired and weak C. Your height has been lost. D. You have stiff or painful joints

Do... (More)